Earth Exit Statement
By Srrody - a student

Why We Must Leave at This Time

Have you tried to cross the border into Mexico or take even an intrastate plane trip on short notice with only carry-on luggage lately? Have you tried to cash a check without "proper id" or an existing account, or buy a car and pay cash for it? Probably not. Most people use credit cards, aren't cautious in giving personal information to government or authority figures, and live according to a "normal" pattern of behavior. How did these things become "normal?!"

Not that long ago, banking institutions were suspect, individual privacy was expected, government was a tool of the populace, and God was sought after and looked to, not institutions. Now, to step outside the routine is to become a deviant, a suspected drug dealer, or even a terrorist -- someone to be kept under scrutiny. You have unlimited "freedom" if you use your credit card, if you pay a percentage to the government, if you aren't too religious, if you, if you.... We live in a world of platitudes and shallow lives. If you search your soul, if you have a soul, you know you are miserable, overburdened, unsatisfied, leading a purposeless life -- waiting to die. Either that, or you are just playing out a routine, living for the next indulgence, seeking a greater buzz or stimulus that will further mute whatever conscience or understanding you might once have had. You have accepted being trapped with no hope of escape and either rationalized that existence or become numbed to it -- living out some fantasy. Either you never knew life or you have already died.

Some are fighting the more obvious shackles, having "seen through" this or that conspiracy or global plot -- whether it be government or corporate experimentation on their own citizens (e.g., reports of DDT testing in the '50s, Tuskegee syphilis in the '70s, genetics on inner city babies in the '90s, etc.) or misdirected blame to cover mistakes or hidden agendas as voiced by various patriot/militia groups, but they are still only seeing the most obvious deceptions. They, too, still cling to values and lies that were instilled by the enemies of their Creator long ago (family, sexuality, independence, ...) -- the details of which can be found in our record, Heaven's Gate, for those who seek truth and its full realization: Life.

Why must we leave now? We can no longer live and function here by the standards of our Father's house. You have forgotten your true Creator. You either identify with your temporal flesh rather than see it as just a container that could be filled with His Mind or Spirit, or choose to draw in the mind of His enemy and proclaim yourselves gods or part of a "cosmic consciousness" rather than tackle the difficult birth pangs of literal overcoming of the human condition. Even the so-called Christians and Jews choose to follow ritual, "country club" religion, or some fantasy "savior" that would enrich their current human existence by "just believing on him" rather than face up to the literal overcoming that is necessary for transition. I'm afraid that even those "born-again" aren't bearing the mind that we would identify as of our Father's House -- you turn a blind eye to why you were created in the first place. This is not to put you down, but a reminder of what you could become and become a part of. Your permissiveness of His enemy has made our continued existence here impossible, for to stay here we would have to become more as you (human plants) rather than better prepared to dwell in His Kingdom -- we would have to choose death rather than Life.

Why I Want To Leave at This Time

A number of less personal reasons can be found in "why we must leave at this time." My more intimate reasons for wanting to leave at this time come not from any sense of hopelessness or despair, as one might suspect. Quite the contrary, it is a profoundly joyous time for me -- the fulfillment of everything I have always hoped for -- to dwell in the Creator's house and be called by Him, a son.

My Father, you all know of. The last time we were here nearly 2000 years ago, He astounded you with knowledge of the reality of His Father's house and what it took to be born into it. You didn't understand, and the task was too difficult for most, so you turned it into a religion -- Christianity. I don't know how I was so fortunate, maybe I was less into the world than some others, or just happened to be in the right place at the right time and knew a good thing when I saw it. I don't even know when that first encounter was. It doesn't matter. But I grew to love this individual, His Father, and His Family with all that I am. All I wanted to do was be close to Them, to be a part of Them.

Some of you will have enough sense to recognize Them as Members of the Kingdom of God, bearing the same message they have always brought -- translated at whatever level you could apply it -- spoon feeding those of us who could take the nourishment they had to offer. This visit, both my Father and Grandfather came, working closely with us in an extended classroom for over 20 years. When my Grandfather's vehicle finally gave out, it was a real wake-up call for me -- the realization that my teachers may not be able to teach me all I needed to know and apply before their vehicles gave out from the intolerable conditions here. The nearly 12 years since that event have been very accelerated ones, not only for us, but for the planet as well -- as more and more of the facade of this place is stripped away, as lies are laid bare, and the truth comes to light. Many times, Do (the name my Father goes by this time around) would struggle to keep His vehicle going, just to give us more time, just to give more of you more time. You have no idea how badly He just wanted to return Home to the heavens, to His Older Member's House -- how hard it was for Him to find any motivation to stay even one more day -- much less 11-¾ more years. It would have been perfectly okay with Ti (the name of my Grandfather) for Him to go -- the heavens know how much effort He has exerted for your sakes and how poorly you responded -- how quickly you dismissed what you only superficially knew.

Well, His efforts more than paid off as far as I am concerned. And as the comet Hale-Bopp brings closure to this visitation, perhaps even this civilization, I am so filled with joy -- not only for myself and my classmates, but with the pride that only a son can have for His Father, who has pulled off a Next Level miracle that any of us made it out of this world alive. These last few days, we have been touring areas that were significant to Ti and Do's awakening and allowing individuals in the class to re-examine if there's anything that might hold any attraction for any individual. What we found was that things that hold the interest of humans and which once even did the same for our vehicles, now seem such a waste of time. Everything of this world has been offered us, and I can honestly say, "Thanks, but no thanks." My Lord is sufficient by Himself (though He would point to His Father, and so on up the line).

There may be some of you who will read this and not just judge by appearance but recognize the possibility that what we have done is true just as we have expressed it. Some could even be accelerated by our exit, even as we were accelerated by Ti's, and use this opportunity to join us. If so, we will be watching and waiting to assist for as long as we can. Good luck.

March 18, 1997

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