Section 1:
Exit Statements

1995 - 1996

What is the saying? "The last shall be first"? In order that the reader might have some idea as to where our current thinking is, we have chosen to put our most recent materials, which we refer to as our "Exit Statements," at the beginning of this anthology. The remaining sections then pick up chronologically, starting with 1975. Section 2, entitled Early Classroom Materials, begins this fairly complete history of how our classroom developed over the years and how the many changes that we were taken through, carefully prepared us for this time.

Although we had presented our information to the public previously, in 1995 we received instructions to up the voltage of what we stated publicly, in other words, to express ourselves more boldly than we ever had before. And so, two extremely powerful and revealing papers were drafted by Do, both of which contained information that before this time we had been reluctant to express quite so clearly.

Since the Internet, particularly the World Wide Web, had become the "fastest growing, information sharing network in the world," we chose to go public by way of "the NET." Although we left our materials on it only briefly, it was quite an educational experience for us in many respects.

In the first of these two statements, Undercover "Jesus" Surfaces Before Departure, posted on September 25-26, 1995, we felt like we had instruction to address the religious world, primarily the Christians, in relationship to their expectation of Jesus' return. One of the greatest struggles we've had from the beginning is the terminology - if we try to correct the vision of the Christians and talk their language, we're seen as a religious cult on an ego trip - if we try to state our information in language more relevant to our actual situation, the masses see us as attempting to make the "Trekkie" vernacular into religion.

Nevertheless, two weeks later, on October 11, we "gave it another shot." Having retranslated the same basic material from Undercover "Jesus" into what we would consider more clinical and objective terminology, we posted '95 Statement by an E.T. Presently Incarnate. However, after posting them for only a few days, we felt to take these statements off the Internet. It was clear to us that their being introduced to the public at that time was premature.

As we experienced time and again, and as you will witness throughout this anthology, it is nearly impossible to take advanced, non-human concepts and force them into comprehensible human language - the available "word processing" options of contemporary language are so extremely limiting. But it is part of our task that we try. And so it is our hope that the reader will look beyond the awkwardness of the words we choose, that is, we hope you get to the intended meaning of the thought that lies behind them.

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